I have been reading the blogs of other Army wives. Oh dear! There is a lot about quilting, copious mentions of Jesus, and some complicated recipes. I note they have lots of 'Followers' and I am as yet, unfollowed. I suspect the only comments I get will be hate mail.

I came to this kind of life late. My previous existence had included a career, an Audi TT and lots of time in the wine bar with 'the Gang' - more of them later - and then I fell in love with Steve, and was precipitated into a life in which I spend much of my time alone, wearing muddy jeans and trying to avoid coffee mornings.

It's lonely being married to 'Brass'. I am not saying that to elicit sympathy, it just is. I had NO idea that there was a World out there where one's identity was cloaked by one's husband's job. I tried joining Army wife websites but I am an oddity. I wasn't born to velvet hair bands and flower arranging and I didn't get married at 17 and shout 'Hooah!' or cover my car in bumper stickers proclaiming 'I love my Soldier!'........ Being a pacifist doesn't help.

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