Well, that was a blast!

Christmas and New Year were both great.

We hosted Christmas at home and both girls spent it with us, which in a 'blended' family, and as they are adults with partners of their own, is a rare occurence, so it was always going to be extra special, and it was. Even my Mother-In-Law has grasped the concept that as someone who has never cooked, her running commentary on my skills (or more probably lack of them!) from; 'are you really going to use that knife to peel the potatoes' to: 'He won't eat that you know' (about Melon, which as it happens my beloved loves) probably isn't all that helpful and kept a lid on it! Our great friends S&D spent Christmas day with us and then hosted an absolute hum-dinger of a New Year party which set 2013 off with a bang - literally, the fireworks were amazing. So, here we go, into a new year.... May 2013 bring you love and peace and happiness.


  1. Best wishes to you for everything good in 2013.

  2. Thanks Mike. Keep up the good work in describing the fab places I'm going to go when I get the time!