I have just been reading a blog. Someone left a comment here and curiosity drove me to her own blog. When I say I have been reading it, I have actually been devouring it. I will never have a child of my own. There I have said it, and the sky hasn't fallen in. For more than twenty years it haunted me and drove me. I felt...less. I am....less... but I have come to terms with the less -ness (yes, I know it's not a word) and discovered that less, can indeed be pretty good. There is a point to a childless woman that for years I could not see. There is a huge well of love for others to tap in to. In my case, a lonely, widowed Mother-in-law has benefitted. Every stray cat and dog within a 20 mile radius has benefitted. My husband has a whole lot more of me than he might have had. I still would it were otherwise but I am not a pointless person when for years that is how I defined myself...silently.

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