Am I the only person on the planet who isn't swept up in Downton fever? It's the telly equivalent of easy listening isn't it? At the beginning of every episode you can accurately predict EXACTLY what is going to happen? I just know that the writer (Julian...Julian...Fellowes?) sits down at his desk and thinks 'Okay, how shall I re-work the formula this week? the formula is: unrequieted love, baddy gets come-uppance, cold hearted person proves not to be... insert different names....
I like junk telly. In fact I love junk telly: ' Cheaters', 'Storage wars', 'Sister Wives', anybody? what I really hate is hugely expensive junk telly which should have been good.

So Mr. 'Raking it in by producing tripe for the masses Julian Thingybob'. Take heed, for the same money (less probably) you could have made the unutterably, stylishly simply, fabulous...Cranford!

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