Waving not drowning

I think we have established by now that I am pretty computer illiterate - but are there really so few older Army/Retired Army wives (although not necessarily either retired army wives, or indeed wives) with lives of their own and anything vaguely interesting to say out there? - and yeah, before you tell me I know that I haven't got anything interesting to say - I can't write that kind of stuff I just want to read it!

I started my blog as a kind of diary. I was too lazy to write in long-hand and following a Soldier around is quite interesting - I didn't want to forget it - but I think I also hoped that it would help me to connect with similar people going through similar experiences and through the myriad of transitions.

All the blogs which I have managed to unearth which searches have suggested may be what I am after, are written either by breathy teenage girls declaring: 'I luv my Soldier!!!!' to which the only possible response is 'Jolly good, carry on' - or perfectly coiffured 'Mommies' who tell me on page one that Jesus is the head of their household, their husband is the best thing that ever walked the earth and that Kaycee/Macee/Mckynzee/...insert daft made up name... is the 'cutest thing EVER!'...to which I am afraid I don't feel able to contribute more than 'Jolly good, carry on'.

Where do the middle-aged, professional(ish), mildly eccentric, mildly conservative, politically left-wing, animal loving, opinionated women hang out on the internet? I know for certain that they aren't in their kitchen baking  friggin' cup cakes!

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