I am cross with myself and I am grumpy because I'm cross. I wouldn't bother with this one if I were you - I'm just venting.

Here are my excuses for grumpiness:

  • We have been surrounded by the cracks, bangs and booms for two weeks now. Guy Fawkes night is tonight. I absolutely get that tonight, the letting off of fireworks that terrorise pets and small children is par for the course - but having held a shaking and terrified Hebe (Ridgeback X) every night for a fortnight - I'd like to drag the inconsiderate twits who think any and every night is Guy Fawkes night, into my house and make them watch her suffering. 
  • Someone in another department at work who is vastly senior to me thought it was clever to patronise and bully one of MY Editors and then having chucked a hand-grenade into the arena, ran away leaving me to clean up the fall-out. I have had very dark thoughts about what I'd like to do to him.
  • I offered to go and watch someone to whom I have been very devoted doing something dangerous for charity. I was assured that as all of her family would be there it wasn't necessary. Today she showed me the photgraphs and there were FRIENDS there. What am I? chopped liver?!
  • Now the NY server is functioning again - we're swamped. There aren't enough hours in the day to publish the back-log. How come an international company of our size and standing falls over because a server on  another continent goes nap?
  • I miss Gailey

and here's the thing

A member of the Bloggernacle, who is quite possibly the most decent person on the planet and who has handled her own terrible tragedy with dignity, sweetness and grace, was kind to me, very kind to me when she would have been entitled to tell me to wind my neck in, and there's nothing like feeling ashamed of yourself to make you feel grumpy. You'll be pleased to hear that I am at least hanging my sorry, grumpy head, in shame.

Hebe checking for fireworks. She's yet to figure out that the drama doesn't start until after dark!

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